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Well done!



The updated clipper is great.


Specifically, a work flow feature that I have been missing for a long time is now elegantly implemented. The reference back to Gmail for the message clipped is in the URL for the note, and in the note body.


This is extremely important to the way I use Evernote, because I no longer have to go and hunt for messages that I have clipped as requiring action – I can just open them straight from the note.


Thank you very much for implementing this feature so well!


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Thanks for the feedback. Can you elaborate on how you want attachments to be handled?

The Chrome version is a few steps ahead of Safari at this point so if you want to see what we do with attachments in Chrome it's what we also plan for Safari. 

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Well, just including them consistently would be a good start. Right now, it is kind of hit or miss. If a message contains an attachment, sometimes there is simply no response from the clipper when I click it, meaning, no side window or anything, just nada. Sometimes, it goes OK and clips the message along with the attachment.


I'll try the Chrome one, too.

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