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(Archived) Not performing OCR on E-Mailed Images?

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If I e-mail a photo from my phone, the image processing (pseudo-OCR) works great.

But if I e-mail myself an image in the traditional fashion (as an attachment), it does not do OCR. When I look at the note, it shows, "Image search data not available". (As opposed to the "Waiting for image search data" I normally see.)

Does Evernote NOT do the image processing/OCR under certain circumstances?

Also: What file types will Evernote OCR? Maybe it is mad because I use tif sometimes?


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We should search for text in any GIF, PNG, or JPEG file that you add to a Note via any mechanism (including email).

I think that you're right ... we don't process TIFF documents, so this may be the culprit.

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