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Lost All Mark-Up on PDF?

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So I was just doing a lot of marking up of a PDF in one of my notes. Then when I exit out of the annotating window, all my annotations are gone, including ones that had been saved previously. Is there any way I can recover those annotations, or at least a way to ensure something like this never happens again?



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Same problem here. I completely lost some older annotations on a file. All highlighting disappeared. This question has been asked a few times and never addressed.

Please reply and give suggestions for recovery or a solution so it doesn't recur.

Annotating PDFs is crucial for me, and i need to be able to annotate and save in other PDF applications, as skitch is promising but kludgy.

Please respond.

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Same here, still happening all the time and seemingly no pattern to it either. :angry:


Evernote must be aware of the issue by now???


Just spent 2 hours reviewing a document with a client over WebEx and 70% of the annotations have just vanished.  WTF!

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