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(Archived) unable to remove URL auto detect in iOS note editor


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while composing a brief postach.io post on my iPad this evening using markdown, I noticed that a URL will always be auto-detected. This even occurs when the note is simplified or converted to plain text.


The issue is that when using markdown, the detected URL messes with the rendering and breaks the link. This means that if you wanted to do this:

[evernote's official website](http://evernote.com)

the desired HTML output sent to Postach.io would be:

<a href="http://evernote.com">Evernote's official website</a>

Instead, since evernote auto-detects the URL on iOS, the markdown translation doesn't work and the link is broken, meaning you are unable to use markdown to create linked text. 


Now I just realized you MAY get away with using HTML directly, but I haven't tried using hTML containing an autodeteced URL. 

Does anyone know how to get around this? Anyone know how to de-link the URL on iOS? Any markdown or HTML workarounds?

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Ok so it looks like the workaround is to use HTML on iOS. Using 

<a href="http://www.google.com"> This is a link to google</a>

 will work EVEN THOUGH the http://www.google.com component of the code gets turned into a live link by Evernote (just as it has here on this forum!). 


So, not the end of the world but a heads up to all you Postach.io users who are using Markdown!

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