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(Archived) Skitch integration with EN


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There used to be a problem with merging screen grabs until there are no gaps between them. I'm happy to report that appears to have been resolved.

Unfortunately, there is a new glitch. When I grab a screen shot, Skitch automatically opens to edit it. Sadly, I do not wish to edit it.

By the way, I do get the image in my notes, but I have to close Skitch every time.

Windows 7

EN (270046) Prerelease



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I was ready to tell you that you were using the wrong hotkey (for a skitch note, rather than screenshot) but it does seem (at least here as well) that the normal Clip Screenshot function does also open the Evernote Markup window.

I would guess that this is a bug in the latest Beta/RC version that we are using here.

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