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(Archived) Weird location tags

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I like the principle of location tags, but when I use my phone to take a quick note I more often than not get weird location tag/titles such as "Note from Deborah and Lloyd's Calling in the One Classes in El Cerrito" or "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind" or "Ned's Birthday."


Where on earth is Evernote getting this information?


I wouldn't mind address tags, but these are just irrelevant and confusing.


Thanks for any advice!

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I don't recognize any of them.  I checked to see if I was subscribed to any group calendars that I had turned off but didn't find any...

Is Evernote pulling from google or something like that?  Does anyone know where the location data comes from?  Through my iPhone's location services or some other service?

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Evernote pulls data from:

1) Your device's calendar (events your own calendars or those you subscribe to. Currently occurring events FIRST, then all-day events if no event is currently occurring)

It is not querying Google or iCloud or Facebook directly, it relies on data from your device. I don't use Google's services so I sync with iCloud, but it doesn't matter. I could have a calendar LOCALLY stored on my iPhone at Evernote would pick that up. Evernote does not have access to any of those services directly, only indirectly via your phone's calendar app. ONLY your phone's calendar has access to those services. 


2) the iOS devices location services. For example, I am at my office and have no calendar event occurring right now so my note title suggestion is the university my office is located at. When I am at home, it says "Note from [insert mis-spelled housing complex name here]".   


When I drop a pin i the complex where I live, Apple Map's shows the name (mis-spelled) of the housing complex I live in. Evernote picks this up. 


Some of those note titles you describe look like calendar entries like "Ned's Birthday"seems like it comes from a calendar entry. 


I have two thoughts:

1) Try dropping a pin in a location where one of these odd titles appears and see what Apple Maps calls it. this is the database that Evernote queries for location information.

2) in your phone's settings application navigate to


and look for:

"Allow these apps to use your account" 

and check to see if Calendars is "ON" (green). try turning this OFF. 


If calendars is accessing your Facebook account, and you get invited to random events (like many of us do), they could be the source of your odd note names. 

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You nailed it.  Thanks!


They must have been random, unresponded-to Facebook invitations.  I turned Calendar's access to FB off as you suggested and I got an actual address the next time I made a quicknote in the iPhone Evernote app.  


My 2¢:  It could be a useful feature *if* somehow a distinction was made (somewhere on this info-chain) between events I was simply invited to vs. those I actually accepted in FB.  Though, since that possibility seems to lie in-between the domains of three separate company's apps I won't hold my breath...


[Thanks for the help, Evernote Forum Community!]

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Yeah I suspect this would be for (mostly) Facebook and (partly) apple to hash out with how the Facebook APIs are being used (or can be used). Unforunately I think evernote is completely at their mercy! 


I find the Facebook calendar integration more of a nuisance than anything else since I just manually enter any event I am actually going to (only a few ever planned through Facebook anyway!) so that setting remains firmly OFF! LOL. 


Glad we were able to get this sorted! 

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