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(Archived) Cropping a PDF Scan in Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Hi All,


I'm a happy new owner of a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500.  I have the bundled Adobe Acrobat Professional, and have found it essential to managing/editing my PDF files generated by the device.


I clip a lot of magazine articles when flying on airplanes.  I tear the entire page out, instead of using scissors to clip out (and I suppose mount) individual articles or clippings.


When I scan the page, of course the entire page is scanned, including the other articles/content.  Is there a way to "crop" out the other articles so that (a) my data will be cleaner in appearance, and (B) keyboard OCR searches will not capture the text associated with those other articles on the same page.


Would appreciate your advice on this, Thank you!

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Adobe lets you 'crop' pages by moving the four margins around,  and if you really want to go to town you can draw a white filled rectangle over the unwanted areas of a page so that all you have left is the content you need.  Do your editing before you upload the file however,  otherwise your upload score takes a hit.  Scan to folder,  edit,  then Evernote it.  Skitch lets you do something similar.  Beware that I have no idea what this does to a previously searchable PDF file - you might find that the content of all the hidden areas is still indexed so generating anomalous hits for that page.  Test small before you launch into any major archiving activity...

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