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(Archived) I am not able to attach PDF to a note anymore, why?

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I used to be able to attach PDF to my notes but I don´t know why I am not able anymore. I use the option "attach file", I select the one that I want to attach and... nothing happens. And, I don´t have a clue why this could be because I have other notes with PDF attached. 


Thank you. 


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Hi Elena, well if you are running a mac with 10.6.8 or less then Evernote has given you (and all the other mac 10.6 users) the finger. It's not supported anymore.

This is unnecessarily antagonistic and unhelpful. We don't know what operating system version she is using, let alone if she is even using a Mac!


What does "Evernote has given you the finger"? I don´t understand, sorry. 


Do you mean that Evernote is not supporting the attachments of PDF in this Mac versions? 

Ignore Ankenn's post. It may not be relevant to your situation.


can you provide us with a bit more information?

What operating system are you running?

What version of Evernote? 

Does this occur with PDFs of any size?

Do you have any upload quota remaining this month? (check your "Account Info" for this info).


Are you able to drag and drop a PDF onto a note? What happens when you try?

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Hi Scott, 


I actually run a Mac and the version is that one, Mac 10.6.8. The Evernote version is: 5.4.3 (402230). So, I am afraid that this is the problem.......??? I don´t know.


It´s very estrange because I already have attached some PDF documents to some Notes, but suddenly, I am not able to do it any more. Nothing happens when I select the file to be attached to the note or I try to drag it.... 


Thank you for your help and insistence :) 

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If you downloaded evernote from the evernote webite, try checking for updates to get the latest version 5.4.4


If you download this from the Mac App Store, Try uninstalling 5.4.3 and try downloading Evernote 5.4.4 from their website:https://evernote.com/evernote/


the latest version of Evernote is 5.4.4 but because of Apple's approval process it has not made it through the App Store yet.


This may help resolve your issue

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