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(Archived) "Report Spam" in a shared note

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When I share a Note's URL, the web page shown to the recipient sports a "Report Spam" button



When I see a new button, first thing i think is "who knows how it works ..",

so I click on it, a "Thank you for your feedback." string appears, and nothing else; the "Report Spam" button still there, no cookie stored (if I reload the page the 'Thank you for your feedback' disappeares).


So, how is my click on the button used? If anybody knows.


Couldn't it be possible to change the status of the button "Report Spam / No, this is not spam"



Thanks in advance.





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Starting with the basics,  which Evernote client are you sharing from?  My desktop client only has the share option: "copy note URL to clipboard".

This is a new button it seems, that appears in a shared note when viewed on the web. For example, you will see it here:


As someone who uses a lot of shared notes, I would also be interested in hearing about this new button.

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Hmmn.  In Windows Chrome all I get is a button that changes colour when moused over,  but doesn't appear to do anything...   odd.


I've tried with


- Chrome  31.0.1650.63

- Firefox 25.01

- Opera 12.16

- Opera 18.0


and I always see the "Report Spam" button. I don't know why you don't see the button.

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