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I keep getting asked to enter my password on my ipad. Like every 10 seconds. It will not connect at all. I have checked and my ipad has not been revoked in the settings. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am running the latest app. I have tried signing out and back in. I have tried quitting the app. Any other suggestions? 


Message says: ENTER PASSWORD This application's access was revoked via the Evernote web service. Please re-enter your password. 




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Are you logged into Evernote on your iPad? Have you tried logging in on a desktop?  The "this app" message doesn't refer to Evernote but an external app which needs your authority to connect with Evernote;  and Evernote (or the app) is saying that you refused it access.  Have a look on the web version of Evernote (via a browser) and log in to your 'my account' page.  You can check there what external applications have had access allowed (or revoked).

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Recently I get the same issue with my mac (10.11) and evernote 6.4.


This dialog appears every once in a while, although you can simply cancel it and continue.

On my application tab of the my account page, it shows a list of same device (the list can be very long, i just revoked all once):


The only think i can remember is that, i changed my computer name recently. I though this might be the reason, but even if I changed it back, it does not help :/

Please fix the bug, so annoy :(



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