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windows (Archived) Evernote 5.0.3 Setup has Ended Prematurely

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I had a nasty problem with Evernote beforehand. I tried to install it but it said that it was installed by another user. I google and found out that it was a conflict with the Wacom Bamboo App, so I uninstalled that and I could run the setup now.


Before that, I made some deletes in the registries because I was sick of Evernote thinking it was installed when I never did install it. This brings me to my next error.







Any idea how I can manually remove Evernote? I dont even have it installed, it's mostly the Wacom Bamboo Evernote App, but remove any traces.

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Hi,  welcome to the forums.  Google around for Revo Uninstaller Free and use that to remove Evernote and/or Wacom if they still show up as installed.  If Wacom isn't there to be uninstalled,  consider installing it again then use Revo to uninstall it.  

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