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(Archived) (Archived) Is there a way to set reminders on mobile?


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Hi there Evernote community,


I'm trying an experiment where every 30 minutes, I record what I'm doing and how I'm feeling so I can figure out where I'm wasting time throughout the week, if I'm planning to do an impulse buy, etc. etc. I want set Evernote on my Android to ring every half hour so I can have all of my updates backed up, but I don't know how I would set up something like that on the app. Any ideas?

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  At the moment Evernote doesn't support repeat reminders,  but the app does have a widget that allows you to add a new note easily from the home page. There are any number of apps that will set an alarm to repeat regularly - though you'd have to check to see if any support such a short interval...

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