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is there a how to guide on getting started using the blackberry client? i need something that spells out the abc's of what i can do with this app on the blackberry, like how to clip from the blackberry browser, etc.

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Its the standard application just like on the iphone or touch but without the build in viewing support (WHICH IS A NEEDED FEATURE!!!!)

You can create text, audio, picture notes or upload a file. They can all be tagged. And you you can search for your data. But when you search it just opens the browser. Evernote devs you really lacked on the innovation here. I am sorry for being 'mean' but i have been waiting for evernote on the bb for a while and they is just a total disappointment.

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Correct, the BlackBerry doesn't give us a way to access the contents of the web browser, so there's no way to clip the current web page on the device.

I'm not quite as sure about screenshots ... there may be some trick to make this work, but I don't know offhand.

We do plan to put together more information about how to use the BlackBerry client (and other mobile clients). Thanks for the feedback ...

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