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(Archived) Spaces are lost after editing on android → Problem in EN for Windows

Guest mrossk

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Since a few years (!) the following happens every few days:

  1. Create or edit a note in Evernote for Windows Desktop
  2. Sync to Android (Nexus S or Galaxy S4)
  3. Edit the note on Android
  4. Save the note
  5. Sync back to Windows
→ Some spaces are lost in the text!!!


You can't image how many times I have added spaces in my notes because they are lost again and again.




Now I have reproduced it step by step, hoping that Evernote will finally fix this:


Import this example notes in Evernote for Windows Desktop and go through the steps 1 to 5 and see that it really happens: The space between the first two words is gone!


The notes in Windows seems to be OK. But after syncing it to Android and just after entering the edit-mode one space ist suddenly gone.


In my examples I have deleted nearly all lines from the original notes and reduced the notes to one line with the problem so it is possible to reproduce it for Evernote and no one can say any more that this is an unknown bug.


When reading the source-code of the notes you can see that there are the characters " " between some words instead of a space. But why does Evernote for Windows Desktop add such characters? This seems to be the problem of all the lost spaces.


My original notes are containing a lot of bullets and links. So it is possible that the intense use of bullets or links is creating such characters.


Please fix this Evernote. I can't do more than giving you such an example.




[Edit 18. December 2013: Added a second example]

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Please, please address this. I have completely given up on working on long-form docs in EN because of this. For that, I'm basically forced to use Google Drive. I'd much rather do it in EN, but when the Android app messes things up with this concatenation bug it means that I can't risk it.

It's a real pain.

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