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(Archived) Missing 75% of Text on an Ipad Originated Note


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I am using an iPad version: 6.1.3 (10B329) with Evernote version 7.1.2. Unfortunately, I am not a premium member at this time.


On Tuesday, we started a note on the ipad for our wedding gifts list that we had received. We got through everything, and I closed the note just like I normally would.


On Wednesday, we came back to the note to begin writing thank you cards, and discovered that about 75% of the note's text was missing!! 


I am a little concerned here.


After I have done a little searching in the forum, I am still holding out hope that we may be able to recover this data. Do we have to become premium members to do this? (at this point, I would be willing to pay the money to calm my wife down). 


I put a help desk ticket in on Wednesday, but since we are not premium, it doesn't look like we will get a response any time soon (I totally understand why us freebie users don't get that priority.)


any help is greatly appreciated. I really do love evernote, but this is a little concerning, and has me rethinking using pen and paper over evernote on important things.


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Still no response from Evernote support, been a week now.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I just pay for the premium to get someone to listen to us?? 


This is kind of sad. I know Evernote wants to be a "100 year company", and I was a premium member in the past, but not listening to users seems to be a little damaging to that 100 year vision.

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