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(Archived) Autosyncing drains iPhone battery quickly

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Two weeks ago my battery on y iPhone which had typically been dropping to about 50% charge after a full day of normal use started dropping to <20% in about 4 hours of little or no use. I confirmed that I had location services, bluetooth, and push mail off , tried resetting and even restoring the iPhone and still battery performance was dismal. I thought I wasn't auto syncing anything since none of my apps were set to autosyncing on the iPhone. I even went to the Apple store and had them try to help find the cause.

Anyway, last night as I was poking around the settings on my Mac version of Evernote I saw that the sync preference had an option of "manual". I set it to manual last night and recharged the phone. Today after about 7 hours of light use, my battery is at about 96%!

The thing is, I don't remember ever setting the sync option before so I don't remember what it was defaulting to. I know I didn't change it 2 weeks ago (I just found this setting for the first time last night) when this started happening so I'm wondering if the last update may have had something to do with it.

My questions are:

Has anyone else been seeing this behavior?

Why would autosyncing eat up so much power? I only have about 5 notes and have not been making major revisions.

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I too found my iPhone battery being sucked dry in no time with the auto sync enabled on my Mac. Have since gone to Manual sync and will await results. Think Evernote needs to resolve this issue and enable a manual sync from the iPhone App side

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I am having the same problem - Mac was set to every 5 minutes - have changed it to manual and see what happens. Just started using Evernote - enough for me to stop using it.

Tried setting to manual sync on Mac. It did seem to improve battery life somewhat on the iphone, but the best result was obtained by closing the app on the iPhone. Then back to normal. So running Evernote on the iPhone for me seems to chew up battery life almost twice as fast as normal. Hope this can be fixed.

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