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No home screen appears - downloaded latestest everrnote on Mac with OSX



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I had the same problem, running the latest version of Evernote (5.4.4) on Mac OSX (10.6.8). One day the home screen didn't load and the "New Evernote Window" function completely ceased to work. I could otherwise use Evernote as usual, loading new note windows etc but it seemed useless without access to the main screen and saved notes, quitting the program in this state produced fatal errors instead of shutting down normally, presumably it failed to try and sync. I searched for ages to try and find someone else who has found the same problem but there was no solution. You're the first person I've found who has even mentioned the same kind of problem so I tried to find my own solution.


Deleting the application doesn't work, when reinstalled the settings were the same. I tried downgrading to Evernote 5.4.3 but the bug still remained so I figured the problem is with settings stored elsewhere in the Mac.


There is a folder located: [username]/library/application support/evernote. Then, I moved this whole folder into the Trash!


Restarting the application again afterwards worked for me as it seems to create brand new settings from scratch, like it is being started for the first time, the slight setback is that all your data has to be downloaded again. After the necessary sync the home screen appeared like usual again.


It is unclear whether this problem is exclusive to Evernote 5.4.4 or Mac OSX 10.6.8 or what exactly triggered the bug to recreate the conditions to test my workaround. Maybe there is no need to try and downgrade to 5.4.3 but since I've got it back to a functional state I'm not going to bother updating it again as this version worked perfectly for me.


Try deleting the folder mentioned above and see if that fixes the problem.


Hope this helps!

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