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(Archived) Feature Request: GTD Capture multiple tasks (to create multiple notes)

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There is one major feature which I find missing with Evernote in trying to incorporate my GTD approach in it.  Like almost everyone else, I have used numerous applications from Remember the Milk, Toodledo, Wunderlist, Outlook, Todoist.  I've now used Evernote for many months & recently switched back to Toodledo only to again realize that I love the flexibility of Evernote and ability to easily search and view different tags, notebooks and specific exactly the tasks I want to see.  


My issue with Evernote comes in the capture step of GTD.  Many times, I come out of a meeting or brainstorming session & I have multiple tasks (10-15) tasks for a given project or sub-project which I would like to quickly create (same context, same project).  I love Toodledo from the capture perspective, because it allows me the ease of use of simply choosing the option to create multiple tasks & then type those into one, single text editor, separated by Returns & selecting the same Context & Project, and Toodledo will create a single task for each line that I have typed.  This allows me to quickly capture the tasks with the right attributes.  (screenshot attached)


I wanted to see if Evernote has any plans to add such a feature in order to help support the capture step of GTD.  This is the major feature which causes me to want to switch back to Toodledo because it is simply too burdensome to create an individual note for each of my 10-15 tasks and again re-enter the same notebook & tags each time.  If there was a way to enter these tasks in mass, it would greatly improve the abililty to capture tasks.  I do not like the option of creating checkbox lists within a note because I have no ability to report on the individual  tasks and re-prioritize individual tasks within the note at (at an overall context or project level).  


Does anyone else face the same issue?  Is there some tip or trick that I should be aware of in Evernote for accomplishing this that I am missing?  


Thank you for any input you can provide.  



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There's an Android app called EverForm which will give you a template to add notes quickly - not sure whether you could add tags automatically,  but if you could live with keywords you could certainly include those.


Evernote doesn't typically say what its developing or give possible release dates.  I wouldn't ever see it including features as specific as GTD options.  All you can do is make best use of what you have - or use another app.  I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trialling "to do" options,  but now try to spend as much time actually doing the work as I can..

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hey OP,  how I would handle this situation, is to quickly create all the tasks or notes without tags in the default notebook "inbox".  Then when I'm at my computer or laptop, I can ctr-click all the notes that need the same tags, and add the necessary tags all at once.  Would this be an option in your case?

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