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(Archived) Evernote on Linux

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First, I have read other posts on this topic about Evernote's non-plans for Linux.


But I would posit that Evernote already has developed a Linux client-- It's called the "Android flavor of Linux." Okay, some could say that's a stretch but it is *nix and it runs Java. So for Evernote to provide a Linux client does not entail a great deal of original development effort, it's merely porting a Java app to another version of *nix.


C'Mon! Stop making excuses and "git er done" already!


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So are you saying that all of the APIs that a Java application would use to interface with the Android OS are in place on any Linux version? I don't really know, myself (but I doubt it), but if not, don't you think that this would make Evernote's job of "merely porting" their Android to Linux just a little bit more difficult?


Nobody's making excuses. Evernote is making a choice, and they've chosen not to implement a Linux client, at least at this time.

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I understand the business decision connected with not supporting platforms with a smaller market presence, I'm just saying that porting Java from one *nix to another *nix is way less effort than rewriting the app native code for winderz vs. iOS vs. Android.


Better still and even much easier still would be to make the webapp just as robust as the winderz client app. I looked at the HTML and Javascript code and it shouldn't be that hard. With HTML5, CSS and Javascript developing a robust webapp UI is a lot easier than it used to be. As it is, the current webapp implementation of Evernote is quite impressive. Taking the webapp the last mile to match the winderz client functionality is quite achievable!!! And it makes good business sense in the age of The Cloud.

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