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KustomNote - own themes?

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Hi there,


I have just created an account for EverNote and KustomNote today.


I have a few questions that i can not seem to find in the forum but apologies if my questions are duplicates.


1) In KustomNote when you create a new template, you have the choice to choose from 3 themes (notepad style, text ect) - and was wondering if you could put up your own (via mark-up) language or at least change the background colour, add a header or something? Just so the template has or brand identity on such as logo and colour scheme.


2)When you've created a template using KustomNote, you have to use this application to post to your Evernote and thats where the template shows up... can you not sync and just create a new note IN Evernote using the template?


Hope this makes sense...


Thank you.

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