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(Archived) Taking screenshots of a Window


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With the default OS X screenshot tool, when you hit the space bar, you can take screenshots of the current window your mouse is on top of. This is a hugely useful tool. I would love to see Skitch get this ability. 


Yes, you can use the crosshair tool and try to get a window, but it will never be perfect and the other way is so much faster. 

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Joeworkman, you can do this by clicking on Skitch's "Blank" option underneath the screensnap options.


First use the CMD+Ctrl+Shift+4+Space to get the screenshot of the window (with shadow & border radius, etc.) into your clipboard.


Then open up Skitch, select "Blank" option and hit CMD+V to paste the item in skitch.


That's it! After I'm done skitching, I usually copy/paste that into whatever I need it to be.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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