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(Archived) iPad版アプリで複数のペースト画像の中から、サマリーに表示したい画像を表示するには?するには?

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I love Google translate (私は、Googleが翻訳大好き). It is good enough for most things.


Looks like he wants to know how to pick the highlight image. I have never used the  IOS version. I do not know what is or is not possible. This probably belongs in http://discussion.evernote.com/forum/126-evernote/


Perhaps someone who uses iPAD/IOS can answer? 


From the Japanese:

when you paste multiple images in the iPad version app, until you update to the latest Ver, image at the top was displayed in the summary. However, after the update, it will be displayed by selecting the image without permission of the other unintended many times does. Please teach the way of image you want to display in the summary.



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Thank you for the contribution.

A concrete example is shown.

Only the photograph of the dish done in the beginning is copied & pasted from a recipe site to the topmost part of a note.

Next, how to make etc. copy & paste the portion with which a text and two or more pictures were mixed to the bottom of it.

Then, although the photograph of completion of the topmost part was displayed on the summary before update, after update is freely chosen from the picture stuck downward, and is displayed on a summary.

iPad is IOS7.0.4.

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I don't think there is currently a way to choose a thumbnail image in Evernote for the ipad.

for now, I think it just picks an image at random, which is not ideal.

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