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(Archived) Re: Evernote and the iPod Touch

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I am totally new to Evernote, having just installed it on my laptop. At the moment I am very impressed. I also have an iPod Touch, which I would ideally like to sync to the laptop version, but before doing so I acessed Evernote through Safari and found it unreadable. This has put me off installing Evernote to my iPod. Am I right to be concerned?

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I suggest you install the Evernote app on your iPod. You'll find that works much much better than trying to access your notebooks through Safari. On the other hand, there are still some serious limitations in using EN on an iPhone/iPod; you can learn about some of them by browsing in this forum.

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The mobile web experience on the iPhone is just our basic mobile web view, which is tuned for lower-powered mobile phones.

We don't have a super-fancy iPhone web UI because our native iPhone application is much smoother and faster than any web app could be. You can find the "Evernote" application in the App Store.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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