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(Archived) Plug-in is not loading up Outlook 2010


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I've just restarted my computer and I haven't had any trouble with Outlook 2010 before with Evernote but loading Outlook today, it showed the loading box "2 of 11 plugins loaded" and crashed after 5 mins trying to load.


I tried to open Outlook again and it said that Evernote.Outlook was not loading and suggested to disable it. Any advice?


I'm running Evernote (269926 prelease) on Windows 7 64-bit



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Restart your system again and see whether the problem continues.  I'm on the same Evernote version with Office 2013 and there are no problems that I can see..


If you still get Outlook issues and can get it to at least start up,  there's a 'repair' option in the Help menu you could try.  You might then have to Revo reinstall Evernote (search for 'backup' and 'reinstall' in the forums for detailed help on that) to get your plugin back.  This sounds like more of an OS or Office problem than an Evernote one - your search engine of choice can be a help to find fixes for any error messages you see.


From dim memory your install DVD for Outlook should also have a repair option - worst case,  uninstall and reinstall Outlook.

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