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(Archived) Becoming evangelist?

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You really want to get beaten up on here every day?


Evernote ask you to become an evangelist if you are a regular helpful poster on the forum. You'll see that most of the evangelists have hundreds or thousands of posts - they are here a lot and they help a lot of people.


Evangelists also delete spam, flag user posts that they believe need Evernote staff attention and take a lot of (very unnecessary abuse) from people who don't always understand that the most important thing in the world to them doesn't mean anything to the vast majority of the rest of the Evernote user base.


If you want to become an evangelist, I suggest you look for ways you can help other users, post solutions to problems, use your experience of being an Evernote user to suggest workarounds and generally contribute to the community.

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Gosh and I thought being an Evangelist meant explaining any imagined defects as positive features,  ragging poor innocent posters unmercifully for not

  • being even slightly aware of basic netiquette 
  • thinking before demanding assistance
  • lifting a finger to help themselves
  • giving any details in a post other than 'Make it work!!'
  • being even marginally polite to grown-ups 

 - and posting unhelpful and snarky comments.


Guess I'll have to turn over a new leaf in the New Year!


For the avoidance of doubt:  none of that is aimed at present company by the way!   :D

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I am interested how becoming an Evernote evangelist? What are they doing? Do they have more rights than normal members in the forum?

I think the other two Evangelists have covered everything, but I'll add a few words of my own. I think Evernote (our fearless leader, gbarry) keeps an eye out for members of the forum who regularly post and provide helpful comments to others. As an Evangelist, you are also a moderator, which means you help keep the forums tidy through deleting, merging, and managing the posts and threads (I suppose these would be rights and responsibilities). It's a great opportunity to become more involved in the Evernote project and user community.

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