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REQUEST: Choose which view the Android app opens to



I would like to request a setting in the Android app that allows the user to specify which view the app opens with.

There are many possible window-views present in the app, and it would be fantastic to choose which one it opens to; I would choose the notebook view. Other users may prefer it to open to a "new note", or "all notes" or "tags", or to a specific "notebook" that they often work from. 

There are other apps I use that offer this feature and it's very nice. It would really allow users to further personalize how they use the app. It could be a premium feature to highlight and help drive sales. Premium users can already customize the home screen. I’m surprised that choosing the opening view isn't also available.


I don’t code so I don’t know, but it doesn't seem like it would be a major undertaking to implement.

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The Evernote Android Widget sits on your home screen and can display any of the above,  with 'jump to' buttons for additional app options.  You don't even need to open the app.


Yes thanks, I know. I already have the widget set up on one of my home screens with my preferred notebook and "jump to" buttons pre-set. The widget is great, but that is a totally separate UI scenario which is not a substitute for the specific request I put forth. It is inevitable that I do have to open the app, and I would like the ability to choose which view it opens with.  

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