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(Archived) Using direct message via Twitter to post

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I think I followed the directions correctly so I could use SMS and direct message

1. I followed myen on twitter.

2. I got a message back with a link and followed the link to connect my evernote account to twitter.

3. I send a text message with this format: d myen my message

when I do that, I get a return message which says myen does not follow you. Send 'follow myen' to request. Which I did.

I think the directions to set this up said that once I followed myen, they would follow back which they have not.

Any suggestions?


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When you follow 'myen', it will immediately try to follow you back. However, if you have configured a "private" Twitter account, this won't complete automatically, and you will need to confirm the friend request from myen. Until myen is following you, Twitter won't let you send us a DM.

If your account is private, try logging on to the Twitter web site and confirm whether there are any follower requests sitting there, waiting for approval.

If that still doesn't work, file a support request by clicking on the link at the bottom of:


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