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Skitch iOS 3.0.5 has been released!

Joe Lopez


Hey everyone!


We just released Skitch iOS 3.0.5. This new version includes the following:

  • A return of PDF reading and annotating
    • The trial is not back yet. We're rethinking that and how to best present it.
    • PDF annotating requires an Evernote Premium account, but reading is free
  • A return of web capture - We've cleaned up the UI but it is now just as convenient as before. So you can now do a screenshot from Safari and open via the Image Picker, or you can use the built in browser and capture tool.
  • Improved Crop mode. We've made some tweaks.
  • Miscellaneous bug, speed, and stability improvements. 

Couple of bonus pro tips for you:

  • Import from the clipboard - If you copy an image to your clipboard (provided it is a JPG or PNG) it will show up as the first time in the Image Picker.
  • When using the dots to change tool, color, or size you can drag your thumb instead of tapping. This is really cool when you have a selected object and want to rapidly adjust size/color to find the best option.
  • "Send to" under sharing lets you send your image to any app on your phone that accepts an image. Use "Send to" to share your image with Instagram, Dropbox, WeChat, or any other app.

Also attached are some bonus goodies for you.







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