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(Archived) Find and replace still not found. Available in beta?



I was very surprised to discover that the find and replace feature doesn't exist in the Mac client or on the web.


Normally I would just copy and paste into another editor to work around this issue.  However, because I work with bulleted lists they can get corrupted.  


Does anyone who's using the beta client know if it has find and replace?


If not, can an Evernote employee let us know when it will be available for the Mac?


Thank you.

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Find and replace doesn't exist on the current Windows beta version either.  Maybe because the guys haven't got around to it yet,  or because the Editor is pretty basic to keep it simple and there are a jillion competing suggestions for 'just one simple feature that would make it all worthwhile...'


Enhancements may be coming,  but Evernote employees don't typically make promises or predictions..


Edit: Snap!

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Thanks for the quick replies.


In that case, what's the best/easiest way to copy a note into another application, do find and replace, and copy it back, preserving the structure of HTML outlines?


I've tried Word and regular plaintext editors so far.

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