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(Archived) How To Clip From Desktop (not web)


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I'm trying to switch from MS OneNote to Evernote and one functionality I really love in OneNote is the desktop clipper (Windows + S and you can clip any portion of the screen).

I was trying to find a similar feature in Evernote but the only thing I found was the Web clipper, which is fine for clipping from the web pages, but not nearly enough if you need to clip from your desktop.


Is there any option in Evernote to do that?




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See Tools > Options > Hot Keys


There's an option in there to capture a screen shot,  which you can save to desktop by pressing <shift> while you select the are to be copied.  If you're running Windows 8 you might have to change the default Win+PrtScn which seems to cause some problems.


If you need to do this a lot,  have a look at Skitch which will also take screen shots but gives you more editing options.  And it integrates with Evernote..

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