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(Archived) Staying in the same notebook when browsing tags


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I can't quite put my finger on it but I feel that navigating the tree of notebooks and tags in the left panel has changed in the last few months (EN 5 related?). Previously, I could select a notebook with one click and then subsequent clicks in the tag tree would show me notes *from that notebook* with the last tag I clicked.


For example, let's say I have two notebooks: Archive and Active Projects. I also have tags Project1, Project2. If I only wanted to see current notes about Project1 I would click the Active Projects notebook which would "activate" it and then click the tag Project1 and I would get that list of notes to the right.


Now the behavior has changed where clicking the tag Project1 from the tree shows notes from all notebooks with Project1 active or archived. I found I can control+click the notebook and then the tag to get the list of notes I actually want. Control clicking isn't terribly user friendly, neither is creating a shortcut for every tag and notebook combo. Can we get "sticky" notebooks back or am I missing a setting to turn it on?

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Yes, the behavior's changed. Based purely on speculation, I'd guess that a lot of users got confused by the click-the-notebook-first-then-click-tags-afterwards behavior (I know aI saw a lot of posts about that in the forums), so they changed it to clicking just changes the filter.


The Ctrl+Click thing does work, sorta (as you know). There are some funky corners, btw. Ordinarily Ctrl+Click can be used to select multiple items (tags in this case) (or de-select previously selected items), and that's sort of true here. However:

* If you Ctrl+Click on a tag that's not used in the notebook, then Ctrl+Click on a different tag, then the first tag is deselected, and the second one is selected

* On the other hand, if you Ctrl+Click on a tag that *is* used in the current notebook, then Ctrl+Click on different tags will add those tags to the selection. If you Ctrl+Click on the first matching tag, then the selection will clear.


I think that I would get used to this behavior if I used the tag tree more (like I got used to the prior behavior). But frankly, I don't use the tag tree all that much any more, and just keep it closed up in the left panel. I don't know of any tricks to bring back the old behavior.

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