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(Archived) Suggestion for "Quick Clip" on iPhone

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I'm just getting started with Evernote, and fast becoming an addict. I'm finding more and more uses for it, with webclipping being one of my primary uses.

Clipping with with Safari on the iPhone is about the only ***** in the armor I've run into. The webclipping on the iPhone is very slow, and often the Evernote window that pops up stretches off the screen (and won't come back with scrolling).

What I'd love to see is something like Read it Later, a service (and Firefox add-on) that works in normal browsers but also has a bookmark that works in mobile Safari. In mobile Safari, you "bookmark" the page you're on, which briefly causes a second window to open with the word "Saved!" on it. The window then automatically closes and returns you to where you were. It all happens pretty quickly.

This would be a nice way to quickly get the page, or at least the link, into Evernote, where it could later be edited.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on a "wish list" item in a great application.


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