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The definitive EN GTD guide - well worth checking out


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For anyone who is interested in EN and GTD, I strongly recommend that you check out this ebook.   http://www.afterthebook.com/master-david-allens-gtd-with-evernote/


It is the most thorough, detailed ebook on EN integration and GTD that I've had the pleasure of reading.  I've found most other guides to be rather light weight - too much on what EN is and then only a little on using EN for GTD.  


This book is a deep dive.   If you want to create a very robust system that can handle a wide range of tasks and projects, then this is for you.


The author has videos which outline the method, but the book provides a clear recipe for setting it all up.   As an added bonus, he offers a section on searches that allow you to analyze your tasks and perform house keeping on your GTD system.  Although you can learn a lot from the videos, the book is worth having for the detail.


For the record, I am completely unaffiliated with the author, just a happy customer.



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thank you gatorbrit!!  


adamdwright, I will soon re-introduce an additional offer with skype call...


To everybody on the Evernote forum: if you are interested in buying my book and have questions, feel free to ask them here or send me an email. matt@afterthebook.com


Actually if you have any question about how I use Evernote, regardless of your interest in my book, feel free to fire them! Just let me know if I can help.








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This is a very thorough approach and Matt's videos are free, and very clear. It mirrors David Allen's guidelines very closely – with tags for the runway, 10,000 feet, 20,000 feet, etc.

Matt says his system is very "tag centric", and he's right - it does use a lot of tags.

This system would suit someone who wants to implement both David Allen's vertical and horizontal contexts, and who can b e comfortable with using a large number of tags.


The Secret Weapon is somewhat simpler and less "tag heavy" although, last time I looked, Braintoniq does not cover how to handle Projects which is a gap in that system.



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