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(Archived) Please fix the problem of line-break losing on paste, again.

Jimm Chen

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I remember when I was using Evernote 4.5.x, "line-break losing on paste" problem was severe. Evernote 5 does it much better, but I still manage to find out some abnormal cases.


My sample.html displays like this in Chrome:




After I Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V into Evernote, I get:




You see, some lines do not get line breaks.


BTW: "Paste as text" is ok.


I can provide you my sample.html for diagnosing. See attachment evernote-paste-lose-line-break.zip


Hope this can be fixed soon. Thank you.


Evernote , Chrome  31.0.1650.57.


[2014-02-14] Update: This problem still exists in Evernote And I have fixed my sample html to point to correct css files.

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Thanks for the write-up. Evernote staff do read these forums, but to make sure that you get the information into the bug list, you should probably open up a support request for this.

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