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Please add Sync Folder for Mac



Why on earth does Mac not have a sync folder option?  I used this all the time on my PC, have since switched to a Mac at home and cannot believe that there is not  a sync folder option.


This appears to be the most glaring difference between the Mac app and the PC app...

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So you have to rename each note as it is created?  I guess that would work since I go back and rename them from the image name usually anyway, but isn't nearly as flexible as adding them as a large batch and renaming them whenever you have time.  With Windows I usually dump at least a hundred images in at a time, whenever I get done scanning a stack of papers or whatever.  Then I can go back and rename, tag and merge them as necessary.


It would be nice if it did it natively, but it is good to know there is a script out there, too.

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Is there an update about this problem?


Currently i'm running version 5.5.1 of Evernote and still there is no folder sync functionality build in the program ????

(but a folder sync seems to be available on the windows version of Evernote?) 


Without this a folder sync option Evernote is pretty much useless for me.


There are some automater scripts available online but that is not a solution for this problem maybe only a temporary fix until the next update of OS X (if you can find a working one, I tried several script but not one of them is working) 


Does anyone know if this missing feature is added soon ?

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The existing 3rd party options including the one I linked to seem to work very well for people. If you don't like the one I linked to then search for veritrope on here or Google, I believe his solution also works well.


Given that there are working options available and that Evernote don't often discuss their roadmap, I think that's about as good as you are going to get for the time being.

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