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(Archived) Applescript : Create note with a PDF file url





I'm trying to make an Apple script in filemaker to import a file (pdf) in Evernote. 


Here's the code generate by my Filemaker script (inspired by http://veritrope.com/code/filemaker-record-to-evernote-as-note/) :

tell application "Evernote"    set new_note_title to "AMAZON : Book 20130133"    set notebook_name to  "Import FileMaker"    set new_note_text to  "test note"     if (not (tag named "Amazon" exists)) then            make tag with properties {name:"Amazon"}      end if      set tag1 to tag  "Amazon"   --construct the note--       set note1 to create note title new_note_title from file "file://Macintosh HD/Users/seb/Documents/Import/20130133.pdf" notebook notebook_name    assign tag1 to note1 end tell

My problem is around the filename. If i change the "set note1 to create…" line by it's work fine but it's not what I want to do

 set note1 to create note title new_note_title with text new_note_text notebook notebook_name

If somebody have solution…

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