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(Archived) email from evernote not working?

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For a week now I have been unable to email my notes. I get this message:


Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient.

The email was returned to us as undeliverable.

The outgoing email adresses have not changed. I would appreciate any tips on how to solve this problem as, without being able to email, my notes become almost useless...




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Hi,  welcome to the forums.  This is a user forum so we don't have any access to the email details - you might be better off submitting a support ticket to get someone to look at the reasons why these emails were bounced.  Is it just one address,  or several?  Have you tried sending emails directly - from your normal email client?  Have the recipients blocked the email address that these emails come from as a spam source?  Try sending a note to yourself to see what the mail header looks like - I know the return address will be one you specified,  but a spam filter might trigger on some other part of the routing information.  ISP spam filters get changed from time to time to exclude nuisance emails,  and yours may just be a victim of such a change.  Or the mailboxes could be full,  the addresses changed,  or some other security measures put in place that your emails now trip.  (Do your notes contain attachments?)


To get some notes out,  try sending one to yourself and then forwarding it to your normal addressees - if that works,  you know it could be the Evernote 'wrapper' that's causing the problem.  If not,  it's probably the content.

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Something does seem to have recently changed with the way that Evernote is emailing notes.


When emailing a note, Evernote recognizes the contacts and put them together in the recipients box without any separators (commas, semicolons, etc.).  But it would always successfully email both contacts.


I'm wondering if this is no longer working and Evernote is failing when emailing two contacts?


When I email one contact only, it works.  When I email more than one contact, Evernote seems to succeed in emailing the first contact, but any subsequent contacts fail - in the example below, emailone@domain.com receives the email.  emailtwo@domain.com does not.


A recent change seems to have broken this - this used to work, exactly as I'm trying to send emails now.


Can someone from the Evernote team tell me how to send emails to more than one address given the changes that you've apparently made?  Thanks.





You recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account.

Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient.

The email was returned to us as undeliverable.

Please verify the email address(es) you used:

  • Check for typos
  • Check for extra spaces


Details on the undeliverable email message:

Subject - December 11, 2013


emailone@domain.com    emailtwo@domain.com


- The Evernote team



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Hi and welcome to the forums.  This is a user forum,  so the "Evernote team" aren't likely to be able to provide detailed instructions - you're pretty much stuck with us I'm afraid;  try raising a support ticket (see below) if you'd like someone official to look into this more.  Meantime can you explain the steps you went through to send the email and which Evernote client you're using?  I just sent two emails in my Windows desktop account and both went through immediately.


As a work around if you're still having problems you could try (depending,  or course,  on your use case) sharing a notebook rather than a note..

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