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(Archived) Mac App crashing on startup *every time*



Today I suddenly had Evernote's Mac app crashing, the same as is described in the other thread. However, I found out what had caused the issue in the first place, so this is just to inform anybody experiencing this issue about one possible reason.


I had printed a PDF file (from within Mail app) and then I had dragged this PDF into a note on Evernotes Mac client (v5.4.3). This was when Evernote app crashed for the first time. From then on I could not any more convince Evernote to start up properly again, instead it kept crashing every single time right on start. It was rather accidentally that I found out that the PDF file was corrupted, because when I tried to quick view the PDF, I was receiving a message telling me that the file seemed to be invalid. (I was able to open the PDF in Preview, but not with Quick View/space bar.)


So first up I deleted the PDF file from Evernote using Safari. Then, just to be sure, I ran disk utility and repaired rights. Finally I set up Evernote again from scratch following shlederman's directions given in his posting (#5). This solved the issue for me.





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