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Class Schedules and Linking Notes

Roy Breiling

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I have a master note that looks like this, with the individual linked class note:


Week 01a Tuesday, August 20


Week 01b: Thursday, August 22


...and so forth.


Is there a way to change the dates on each class note without having to relink each note again to a master note?


Might there be a better way to accomplish my overall objective for each semester?


Thank you,



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You're rolling a schedule/reader over to a new year/quarter? If you change the title of the note, the note link path won't change at all. If you're planning to copy the notes, however, the links won't work in the new note.  


One way you could make a new schedule on a desktop computer:

  1. create a notebook for the quarter "Spring 2014"
  2. SHIFT+click or COMMAND/CTRL+click to select your notes
  3. right-click and Copy to Spring 2014
  4. change the title for each note to something that will sort by title in order "Week 01a" "Week 01b" is good. 
  5. sort notes in Spring 2014 notebook by title
  6. Select all notes in the notebook and you'll see options
  7. select the "Create Table of Contents Note" option and you'll get a note with the titles and note links for each of your notes
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Hey Roy,


In doing our trainings, we have had teachers ask the same question. Here is our "best practice" that we give to teachers:


1. Create the notes of titles that you want (stick with project names - static note titles - not something you will want to change every week).

2. Select the notes that you created for your course and click "Create Table of Contents Note" (see pic below)




3. Once you have the notes titled, and have created a "Table of Contents," we recommend that you modify that list (see the image below). 



FYI: The links are dynamic in that if a user retitles the notes, they will remain the same on the Table of Contents (i.e. renaming Trial3 to Trial4 after the link was created, when the user clicks on Trial3 they will get directed to the newly named Trial4).


Does that help?


EDIT: Once the note is created for a table of contents, I just tried to copy it to another notebook and rename it... All of the links still work... So basically, think of making notes for resources and editing the "table of contents" as your resource binder with links to all of your other notes. Then you can modify that note every semester or copy it to other notebooks for each course...

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