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(Archived) Evernote syncing issues



So I've posted this in the skitch section but maybe this is more of an Evernote issue than a Skitch issue. The syncing features specifically when trying to get info into Skitch from Evernote doesn't seem to be working. Below are my steps and what I perceive to be the expected outcome... what am I missing?


1.) I create a note in Evernote and mark it up

2.) I 'annotate' the note

3.) I place the new annotated note in the Skitch notebook that Skitch created when it installed

4.) I open up skitch and sync and there is nothing in the Skitch notebook (that skitch can see). However it's definitely there when I look at the notebook in evernote.


I've additionally tried dropping PNG's and other PDF's in my Evernote Skitch notebook and they are seen by Evernote but not by Skitch. Are the only things seen by Skitch things that were created in Skitch from the beginning? Can I not just move a picture or note or PDF to the Skitch notebook within Evernote and then see it in Skitch? What should the workflow look like in this? The ultimate reason (for this particular instance) that I need this functionality is that I need to share this PDF or image but I need to share it as an actual image and not a Evernote note so I wanted to open it in Skitch and export as  PNG.


Additionally I am running the latest version of Evernote for Mac and the latest version of Skitch. I even updated to the latest Skitch beta thinking that would help but to no avail it did not. Any ideas?

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