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(Archived) Save attachments from Outlook to Evernote, get a link into the mail


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Hi there,


I've got the issue that I'm getting lots of mail with big attachments that increase the size of my mailbox even more then I'd like to. My idea was to save selected attachments to Evernote, delete them in the mail and then leave a link to the attachment in Evernote there. Doing this manually is quite a pain in the ass. 

Did anyone ever had the same idea and found some good / automatic workflow for that?


Thanks in advance!




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Hi Ben,


I had a similar issue with whole E-Mails, so I coded a vba-Script, which saves the whole E-Mail to Evernote.

The Mail can get deleted in Outlook to decrease the size of my Mailbox, BUT it is accessible with full functionality from Evernote.

Perhaps this could be usefull for you?


Here is the link:



Kind regards,



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Hi Olli,


thanks for writing this. This seems to be really nice - but... I got one issue with that: I don't get the .bas-file imported into Oultook (2013). Any idea how to solve that?





//I got the importing done... :-)

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