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(Archived) Shortcut feature only available on iPad/iPhone


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When viewing/editing a note in Evernote on my iPad, there is a star at the top of the note to allow me to create a shortcut to the note. I don't see a similar feature on Windows though. Is there something that I'm missing or is the feature not available in the Windows client? I did a quick search and found the following announcement for the shortcut feature being released for iPhone/iPad but find it a bit surprising that it wouldn't be added to the Windows application as well.


Evernote for iPhone and iPad Get Shortcuts, Related Notes and Skitch Support


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Thanks for responding Jeff. Where can I find the star symbol on the Windows client? I had a look again and I still don't see it. When I open a note on the iPad, there's a star symbol at the top of the note that I can click to add it to the Shortcuts section.

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Shortcuts are available for the Windows client, and also the Android client, and have been for some time now.


Does anyone else have any ideas? I checked the Windows client again and I must be blind because I don't see it anywhere.

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