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(Archived) Help? Re-importing notes I exported long ago as HTML





Long story short, I exported by whole Evernote library as HTML files a few months ago (I know, should have used ENEX). Most of my notes had attachments, so I also have corresponding .resources folders along with the HTML files.


Is there an easy way to import all of those back into Evernote, along with the attachments? Currently, I have to drag HTML files one-by-one, open the note, drag the contents of the .resources folder to the note, and rince&repeat. As my folder contains many hundreds of notes, this would literally take me days.


Anyone know of any AppleScripts or web services that could help?

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Hello aefla,


have you tried the Evernote-Import-Function in the Menu: I have only the german verision, but in english it could be "Functions - Directory Import"


Once configured, you can copy your Html-Files and attachments into the assigned Directory. Evernote can be configured to import from this directory and delete the files from the import-Directory afterwards.

For every file you'll get a note.

In a second step you can attach your notes as needed.

Not perfect, but a better workaround than "dragging every note one by one". 


Kind regards,



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Hallo Olli!


Thanks fo the reply.This seems to be a feature of the Windows version. The Mac version can only import ENEX files, and doesn't accept HTML files.


Thankfully, I checked my export-folder this morning and found a ton of duplicates, so I deleted them with Gemini. Then I was left with only ~200 files+attachments to import manually. Still a pain, but it went much faster than I expected, and everything is in Evernote now.


Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated.


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