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(Archived) Missing tag options in Edit after save

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Sometimes Evernote; which I could not survive without -_-  becomes selectively unresponsive and I'm at a loss as to why.


For example, I just saved a clip from part of a response I got on anothe wesite.  After the article was saved I clicked the Edit option so I could checkout tag options; since Alt-Ctrl-T does not work when selection save options; you have to know them, and enter them without the dropdown list.


When the Edit screen opened I saw the article but the Tag icon were grayed out and Ctrl-Alt-T did not produce the tag list.


So I opened Evernote on my desktop, found the clip, and Ctrl-Alt-T activated the Tag dropdown.


That would seem to indicate that before a save can be edited  Evernote has to be open on the machine; true?



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Ctrl-Alt-T is an Evernote shortcut that will only work when the app is active.  You can however edit clips if you use the Chrome add-in - there's an option to choose notebook and tags and do some additional editing if you wish;  that opens a browser window.  You can't,  by definition,  use Evernote tools to edit a clip without either having the desktop client or the web app open to provide the tools.

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