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Cannot save changes in PFD because note exceeds the 100 MB limit?

de Haan

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I am trying to edit a PDF in Evernote with Skitch. But when I try to save the changes it get this message: 


"You cannot make changes to this attachment because the note exceeds the 100 MB Premium user limit.

The most recent version of the file that fits within the single note size limit will be kept. We recommend you save the current version to your computer."


But the original PDF was only 33 MB, so I don't get why it is suddenly + 100 MB just from drawing a line in Skitch. Can anyone help me out?


Best regards,

Nikolaj de Haan





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Well, no replies to OUR problems with large pdf annotation until now. Also, small annotations are synced w/ Evernote counting the whole pdf size, not as an overlay upon the file. This seems to be related to the chosen business model, not with any technical aspect. I've paid $10 incrasing my quota until I understood this weird behaviour that completely puts Skitch+Evernote out of any pratical solution to large pdf annotation. Someone said to work locally, then sync the final version only (a loooong sync indeed...). That's not what I need, nor how a revision workflow must work.

Looking elsewhere...

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I'm having the same issue.  I'm just going to scrap the idea of using Skitch to do this.  I wanted to store and annotate research papers and textbooks, but large files are not working at all.  I can't sync a 72 MB PDF at all (I just get this -9800 error).  It seems this new update will not allow me to upload a pdf greater than 25 MB.

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