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(Archived) For the love of God, let me view my files as attachments!



I'm really upset about this simple issue. Why is it so damn impossible to have a simple option to view attachments the way I prefer? I hate the inline view, it just doesn't suit my style of working, yet Evernote seems to be either forcing me or making it incredibly difficult to change. Why be such a damn formatting n@zi?


Please, either include this option for every attachable filetype or, in case it is possible already, explain it to me like you would explain it to a 5 year old on how to achieve this.



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Have a look in spg SCOTT's hints and tips pages.. here


Or if it doesn't mess with your workflow try changing the JPG and PNG extensions to something else;  your picture viewer might still be smart enough to recognise the file format,  but Evernote won't know that it's a picture file and will treat it like any unknown file type.

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