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Going School-Wide...


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Hello Evernoters!


It is wonderful to see how many educators are using Evernote in their Classrooms. You all have added great portfolio resources over the past few months!

I am the Technology Coordinator for an International School in South Korea and in that role, I have the ability to help shape our school policy. We just got the approval to go "school-wide" with E(vernote)-Portfolios.


My team and I are designing a number of resources for student/teacher/administrator/counselor use. We just started, but we are hopeful that we will have some things up soon (since there are six of us). First and foremost, our team found Portfolios for Student Growth and started using their documentation to create our user guides (with permission of course). We will continually post resources on this forum, and you can find all of the resources and documents through my personal website (until our school Technology Site is up and running). Since we are just getting going, we will try to capture as much of the startup process as we can to provide a guide for everyone else who is going through the process.


Much to my chagrin, I have found that very little free information currently exists for a school-wide distribution of Evernote as an E-Portfolio Platform. We have to build momentum! Being a consultant, I understand that sometimes you have a great idea that can turn a profit, but to start the momentum, we have to get users!


In that vein, everything that we create for this school-wide Evernote E-Portfolio program will be posted for free for everyone. Get them into the hands of your administrators and get some school-wide pilots going!



If you have gone “school-wide” and have some useful tips, reply to this thread so that we don't all step in the same mess. 


Just for reference, we are using Evernote in conjunction with Google Apps for Education, PowerSchool, and Schoology. We use 1-to-1 Macbooks (grades 5-12) and 1-to-1 iPads (grades 2-5). One of the integral components of our E-Portfolio system is using Evernote Moleskine Notebooks school-wide. Evernote is helping us place a bulk order and get our kids using them, we will let you know how it turns out. If you are interested in how all of these things play well together, shoot me an email or message on the forum and we can chat.


The first document that we created (attached) outlines how we are going to design our E-Portfolio system (based upon Portfolios for Student Growth) with Evernote Notebooks and postach.io blogs. Technically speaking, the attached is the portfolio overview that we will be giving to teachers as we begin the process of integrating Evernote.


Happy Note-taking! Shoot us an email if you have questions!


Student Portfolio Overview.pdf

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