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I have been using Evernote now for 2.5 years. I am receiving alerts that my data upload limits are about to be exceeded. I am puzzled by this as I am not using Evernote differently than I have done previously.


I have been taking photos with Evernote for Android and I have noticed that when I sync 5 notes are being created and therefore if a photo is 2.2 MB it is taking up 11 MB and impacting my upload limit (see attached)post-165380-0-49687800-1385549675_thumb.. I have noticed this on 3 occasions this month (so this would be over half of my usage allowance).


There appears to be a bug with the Android app - is anyone else experiencing this?

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I'm a heavy Android user but no,  I haven't had any duplicated uploads.  If your data limits are about to be exceeded,  that sounds as though you need to wait until your monthly reset is past before adding any more notes via the Android.  Add then to a local notebook on your desktop for the moment,  then transfer to the online notes when you have some headroom in the limit.  Attempting to add notes past the max can be deleterious to your peace of mind.


I can imagine that duplicated notes might arise if sync isn't completing properly in one session - and 2MB+ notes will take a while to sync;  try smaller pictures if you can - the Android camera is adjustable down to .3MB exposures and there are apps to resize / crop them smaller than that.  See if small pics get similarly duplicated.  If so,  I'd suggest a support ticket.  If not,  that may be your answer.

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