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(Archived) Notebook sharing by non premium users

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Please help to clarify on sharing notebook behaviour.



I have non premium (free) account and share two notebooks with others. I encountered the following situations:


(1) For the first notebook, I can give permission to others to edit the notebook.

(2) For the second notebook, I can not give permission to others to edit.


Is (1) a new feature where non-premium users can share and let others edit 1 shared notebook?


Understand that (2) is the default feature for non premium users.

Non-premium users can share notebooks---but cannot give others permission to also edit the notebooks





If I have a premium account and the premium expired, I assume that the account will become non-premium? What will happen to the editable permissions set to the shared notebook? Can others(including non-premium accounts) edit the shared notebook?


Thanks in advance.

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*Modify Notes and Modify and Invite Others options are only available to Evernote Premium and Evernote Business users. The permissions are based upon the owner of the notebook, so a Premium or Business user may share and allow a Free user to modify and add notes. Upgrade to Evernote Premium or Evernote Business to get the most out of Evernote.



I found that my Free account is able to set Modify Notes and Modify and Invite Others permission options for one shared notebook. From the description quoted above, these permissions should not be available to Free user.


Is there any special feature that I'm missing? like Free user can set Modify permission for one share notebook.

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