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(Archived) Linking to Files within Evernote

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This may have been discussed or suggested before, but I'd love to be able to insert a link in Evernote to a file on my computer or in some cloud based repository (such as Google drive). Sometimes, I am writing a note about a file, but it is too long to include practically in my notebook. I'd like to be able to insert a link, such as the functionality for web links that would open the file when I need to refer to it. Is there already this functionality? If not, is it on the roadmap for the future?



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Note Taker,


Follow this procedure:


1) Type a text for the link in the note

2) Select this text

3) Ctrl-k (a window is open to type the link, but don't do it yet)

4) Open Finder, locate the file that you want to link and Drag&Drop the file to the window open in 3)

5) Add the text 'File://' at the begining


That's all.

Hope this help you

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